Movie passwords are da bomb

Recently, I posted an idea for using movie quotes as passwords. (plug – read about and buy the book from Bryce Hedstrom). Probably someone else thought it it long before my wife but hey, it’s new to me. People posted their own ideas, and yet some scoffed because they thought their kids don’t know the same movies. Well for me, password are to teach language, not my WAY overblown love of trashy cinema. So, with a suggestion from Sra. Rentería, I let my level 3 and 4 kids write down their own famous quotes. I was pleased that many of their ideas were the same as mine, but I got some good ones. So, here’s the list, in both Spanish and English. I have not had the time to proofread anything, so I thought we’d do it as a group. So here’s your give and take. Take the list for your own use, but first edit at least one item. Thanks, and all always, YMMV. Remember, pain is temporary, but acquired language is forever.

please add and edit this list. enjoy!


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