Passwords are cool

password videoAnd we’re back!! Recently I posted an idea for a set of passwords for class. Why not use famous movie quotes? People had some questions and comments I’d like to address, along with showing a quick video on how *I* do it. First, allow me to give all credit to Bryce Hedstrom and his wonderful blog where he is very giving of his materials, time, and energy., Now, I have yet to buy his book, but will the second my budget is open. So should you. To give the shortest summary of passwords I can possible give: 1) create a password phrase and let your kids know what it is. 2) They can’t enter class without giving it to you or your designee.

  1. Now, some people had to go and make this WAY more complicated than it has to be. Go and read Bryce’s blog. Buy his book. I promise you you DO want to use passwords. But, let me address people’s dilemma’s

  2. Sra. Rentería came up with a cool idea – let the kids write out fave quotes in English. You can put them into your language and draw them out of a hat. Genius variation and student choice!!!

  3. Some were concerned that their kids wouldn’t know what movie the quote was coming from. WHO CARES? I teach Spanish, not film appreciation. Some will know it and laugh, and that will make them and YOU happy. Either way, everybody is learning a cool phrase in the TL.

  4. Some people were concerned that Bryce’s book didn’t have phrases in their language. That’s ok. The HOW TO is in English, and you can make up your own variation and there you go.

  5. Some wanted to know how often to change up passwords. Bryce probably has a recommendation, but honestly, do it as often as you want to. But keep in mind that WE ARE GOING FOR repetition! Don’t rob kids of reps if you want them to learn. Also, the more you do it, the more hassle. For me it’s once a week because I’m freaking lazy, and because my observation tells me that students only get confident in the phrase on the 4th or 5th day at the least.

  6. Some worried about the time it takes. See video.

Here is a video that shows a simple password with my kids today – the 8th day of school and the FIRST day of the new password. Last week it was much longer with different parts. Notice the girl who tried to enter without it??? This ia a level 2 class. My level 3 password was much longer: “Here we have everything except fear”

As always, pain is temporary, but acquired language is forever. YMMV.


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