Quick and dirty Mafia

I had a bunch of people ask me to make a video of mafia. Per my earlier posts, PLEASE visit The Comprehensible Classroom and get Martina’s mafia unit. Keep the rules handy as you watch.

Now, this video is terrible, and I made lots of mistakes, but I do my best to explain quickly how the game is played and how you choose roles. I put this stuff up in like 5 minutes because it was do it today or never, so excuse the mistakes I obviously made. Martina has a ton more things you can use to enrich the conversation, but What’s on the board is what I start off with for beginning learners. This was my Spanish 3 class so I didn’t do a good job of sticking to only my word wall, but I think you can get the basics here.

Now the important part: After the poor victim is killed, THIS is where you spin a story. In my video, I only did a simple guilty/innocent thing. But after the first couple games, spin each death into a detail. How, where, when exactly, and under what conditions did they day? I circle all the details as much as possible and build the suspense. The possibilities are ENDLESS.

(ex: last night it was raining. Suddenly, a body is discovered underneath a table in Mcdonalds. Whose body is it? What were they wearing? Who was the last text on their cellphone? Did they just break up with someone?)

Here is the link to the video. Hope it helped, kiddies. As always, YMMV.

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